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Cosworth Trackmaster And Streetmaster Brake Pads

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Cosworth Brake Pads

Over the years Cosworth has built up and maintained an unrivalled racing pedigree. Due to decades of experience and knowledge that’s been learned on the tracks and circuits, they are able to transfer this over to the road car market and track car users with a range of highly developed products.

One of the most recent developments to leave the illustrious Cosworth stable is the concise range of Streetmaster and Trackmaster brake pads. Offering exceptional stopping power and specifically tailored for fast road or track cars, these UK manufactured brake pads offer unrivalled performance from cold right up to the highest possible heat ranges. These are no comprise brake pads for the serious motorist.

Cosworth brake pads have been designed with the enthusiast in mind. They come heat seared to reduce the bedding in time. This process of “toasting” the pads at 600degrees on the surface greatly enhances the performance and helps to reduce fading. Cosworth have options for fast road car with the Streetmaster range and the Trackmaster options for the track day enthusiast.

Why choose Cosworth brake pads?

• Heat seared for reduced “bedding-in” time
• Superior bite from cold
• Exceptional stopping performance- even from cold!
• Silent running technology
• “Vee” groove for fast debris clearance
• Fade resistant
• Premium grade friction material
• Consistent and predictable braking patterns

Street Master

The Streetmaster range is aimed at fast road car users who want to get the upmost performance and braking power from their pads in a range of conditions. Designed to bite from cold, the Streetmaster range is the perfect choice for those who are serious about stopping.

• Medium-Hard sports pad suitable for heavy duty/ fast road
• ECE R90 approval
• Superior bite- 0.5u friction co-efficient- virtually from the first pedal
• Strong brake effect up to 650 degrees
• Chamfered edge- avoid lifting
• Fitted with premium quality shim hardware-silent braking technology
• Durability factor 6.5 with rotor minimal disc abrasion
• Produces consistent, predictable braking performance


Trackmaster pads are for the trackday user, who puts extra demand and stress on their pads through the course of a track session. Able to deal with high temperatures without fading away, these breed confidence and will help to lower your laptimes!

• Track day driving
• Extremely high friction level 0.7u friction co-efficient
• Strong brake effect 800 degrees
• “Vee” line expansion groove technology- superb debris clearance
• Durability Factor 9.5 with minimal disc abrasion
• Super fast “bed-in”, typically under two laps
• Heat stable, predictable & heat cycle exceptionally well.

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