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teamjapspeed August 15, 2014 News, Products Comments Off on JAPSPEED GT86: ENTER THE WHEELS

Seeing a lowered car without the wheels to go with it is like seeing our beloved Sales Manager Motty without a McDonalds lunch in front of him: the two were born to go hand in hand after all.


Having recently decked out our 1JZ Subaru Impreza and V8 S15 drift cars on sets of XXR 527 and 530 wheels (respectively) we didn’t have far to look to choose a suitable set for our GT86. Enter a set of 18” XXR 527s, 8.75” wide and finished in bronze to contrast perfectly with our GT86’s white exterior (XXR wheels are available from our online store).


When it came wrapping the new wheels in rubber there was only going to be one person to call and that was our long-time tyre sponsors Maxxis. While the tyres on our GT86 won’t be being torn to shreds at the same rate as those on our drift cars we knew they’d still have to put up with plenty of abuse, leading to our decision to choose a set of Maxxis’ latest MA-Z3s.




With an offset of +20 we were hardly going to be pushing the boundaries of wheel fitment but that was never our goal from the outset. The new wheel setup has filled out the arches nicely with only minimal spacing required and, most importantly, required no rolling or modifications to the rear arches or front wings. Plus, they look great!

gt86 feat

With the basics of the exterior taken care of it was time to turn our attentions back to the handling and maybe even some power gains. Stay tuned!

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