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teamjapspeed March 21, 2014 News, Products Comments Off on MAZDA RX-8 ARMS NOW AVAILABLE FROM JAPSPEED!

With Mazda RX-8 prices plummeting recently they are quickly becoming a favourite with modified car enthusiasts. We are proud to release our range of RX-8 adjustable suspension components that will allow you to fine tune your geometry to suit the car’s usage and alter the handling characteristics accordingly.


The rear suspension setup on an RX-8 is more complicated that of say, a Nissan and it comprises of five pairs of adjustable arms. We put together the below diagram to help you recognise which arm is which.

rx8 arms

RX-8 Front Camber Arms – £229

RX-8 Steering Arm Ends – £59

rx8 Steering arm ends


RX-8 Rear Lower Trailing Arms – £119

rx-8 rear lower trailing arms


RX-8 Rear Upper Lateral Arms – £119

rx8 rear upper lateral arms

RX-8 Rear Upper Trailing Arms – £119

rx8 rear upper trailing arms


RX-8 Rear Toe Arms – £119

rx8 rear toe arm


RX-8 Rear Lower Lateral Arms – £149

rx8 rear lower lateral arms


RX-8 Front Droplinks – £59

rx8 front droplinks


RX-8 Rear Droplinks – £59

rx8 rear droplinks


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