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teamjapspeed March 17, 2014 News, Products Comments Off on NEW JAPSPEED NISSAN SUSPENSION ARMS!

Despite their age, Nissan S-bodies and Skylines continue to be the favored choice with both grassroots and professional drifters alike. Thanks to this, aftermarket parts suppliers are always pushing themselves to create new and interesting products to improve their performance further and push their capabilities way beyond what Nissan intended!  Here at Japspeed we have been working on a new range of Nissan S-body and Skyline suspension components and are pleased to announce that these are now in stock and ready to order.

Nissan SuperLow Toe Rods – £149

Our SuperLow Toe Rods differ from our regular toe arms in that they are kinked to provide added clearance around the subframe bush area. When running regular subframe bushes, polybushes or subframe locking collars on a slammed S-body you will find that the toe arms will occasionally foul the underside of your subframe under compression – especially if your car is heavily loaded with spare tyres and tools when heading to a drift day!

If you are running aftermarket rear knuckles (such as Geomasters or Part Shop Max items) clearance will not be so much of an issue, but with the standard items the problem is much more profound. While fitting subframe risers can help the clearance situation, our SuperLow Toe Rods will truly eliminate the issue. We developed these arms with low S-bodies in mind and after testing found them to provide perfect clearance on both road going and track-only cars.

_DSC4760 (2)_DSC4769 (2)  _DSC4779 (2) _DSC4810 (2)


Nissan SuperLock Tension Rods – £149

Compared to our regular Nissan Tension Rods, our SuperLock items are both kinked and offset so as to provide extra clearance for cars running wide wheels in conjunction with steering lock modifications including chopped/drop knuckles, relocated steering racks and extended lower arms. Regular straight tension rods often foul the inner lip of the front wheels on cars running lock modifications when they reach more extreme steering lock angles – by fitting our SuperLock arms with the supplied offset bushes you will gain a huge amount of extra clearance to prevent any fouling or binding. Compared to our ExtraLock Tension Rods, our SuperLock items feature both a more rugged design and further improved clearance capabilities.

The photos show our SuperLock Tension Rods fitted to our V8 S15 which is fitted with Japspeed Adjustable Front Lower Arms, Japspeed Full Steering Arms, Driftworks Geomaster hubs and relocated steering rack. The pictures were taken with the steering on full lock.

DSC_0099 Edit(2) DSC_0116 edit(2)  _DSC7107 edit(2)

Nissan ExtraLock Tension Rods – £139

Our ExtraLock Tension Rods offer similar advantages to our SuperLock Tension Rods, albeit using a different design. Taking design cues from OEM Nissan Skyline GTR tension rods, their clean and simple design allows for additional steering lock with modified hubs/lower arms/steering racks while running wide front wheels, albeit slightly less lock than our SuperLock items. When fitted with the supplied offset bushes, you will gain a huge amount of clearance over your OEM items.

DSC_0028 edit(2)  DSC_0032 edit(2)


Nissan 300ZX Steering Arm Ends – £59

While 300ZXs might not be the most popular cars for drifting, they still have a small yet dedicated following. Our Nissan Steering Arm Ends are manufactured from high-tensile, heavy duty steel and are designed eliminate any free play that comes as a result of regular wear and tear with the OEM items thanks to the use of pillowball ends. They are also easily adjustable so that you can set your toe-in/toe-out accurately and precisely.

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