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NEWS: Four bailed over Japspeed Impreza theft

teamjapspeed June 15, 2011 News Comments Off on NEWS: Four bailed over Japspeed Impreza theft

It’s been a hectic few days at Team Japspeed – days we wont forget anytime soon. We are massively pleased to get the car back and begin it’s re-build, but we still need YOUR help. Team Japspeed along with the Police are looking for any GENUINE witnesses who saw the Impreza between 6:30pm (saturday) going through to Sunday morning between Podington and Maidenhead. While we appreciate everyone’s support, we cannot stress that we are looking for genuine witnesses only. If you have anymore information, please read the BBC news article below and please share this to keep it in the mainstream media attention:

However we are pleased to say the Impreza’s re-build is underway as you can see from the pictures below! After the entire car was dusted for fingerprints, Team Japspeed began to replace those stolen parts along with a damn good clean and a bit of TLC to make sure everything was in perfect working condition. Let us stress that this incident isn’t going to put us off using the car as it was intended – we will be back out in no time providing plenty of smoke sideways! We are also celebrating it’s return with a chance to win a passenger ride with driver Steve Biagioni – check out our facebook here to find out more info:

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