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In the sport of drifting, the engine is kept at very high revs creating very high internal surface temperatures on components which requires an oil that can maintain a reliable co-efficient of friction at all times to prevent engine wear or loss of usable power.


At the forefront of the UK drift scene, Team Japspeed use Rock Oil for our engines and differentials. For four years now we have reliably run their top racing oil called Synthesis 4 Racing Oil 15w50.

Rock Oil have manufactured a revolutionary new racing oil with a very low co-efficient of friction whilst still maintaining a very low amount of component wear, called Rock Oil Carbon 10w50 Racing Oil. Therefore for the 2015 season we will be using their new ground breaking oil for our engines as it is unrivaled in its performance and quality at racing temperatures.


“36% lower co-efficient of friction than the competitor who were thought to be leading racing engine oil”

A critical aspect of any high performance racing oil is the co-efficient of friction between internal engine component surfaces. By reducing surface friction it is widely accepted that an increase in usable power is released.


To explain how good this oil is, Rock Oil compared their new Carbon 10w50 oil against a leading rival product (with “Nano-Technology”) to demonstrate the quality of their new Carbon 10w50 oil. The graphs below demonstrate the achieved co-efficient of frictions throughout a 2 hour test period between two pieces of steel at a controlled temperature of 150°C with an applied load of 50N.


The first graph shows how the competitor’s “Nano technology” racing oil fluctuates dramatically throughout the test constantly altering its co-efficient of friction (shown in red) at a constant temperature and load. This could cause components to change their rate of expansion and alter the usable power output from the engine.


In comparison the graph for the Rock Oil Carbon 10w50 racing oil shown below holds a very consistent co-efficient of friction (shown in red) throughout the same test with the same conditions. This shows that their oil gives a much more reliable racing engine performance.


Not only did the Rock Oil Carbon 10w50 racing oil have a far more consistent performance than its competitor; it also achieved a far lower average co-efficient of friction. In fact its co-efficient of friction was 36% lower than the competitor which was previously thought to be the leading race engine oil.

Often associated with lowering the co-efficient of friction of oil is an increase in component wear. However, the revolutionary new technology within the Rock Oil Carbon 10w50 racing oil means that it once again is better than the competition. When an industry standard test was taken of the two oils to determine the rate of wear on components, the competitors “leading Nano technology” demonstrated 29% more wear than the Rock Oil Carbon 10w50 racing oil.

With Rock Oil’s revolutionary new product not only a significant improvement over Synthesis 4 but far out-performing rival brands; it was a clear choice to adopt this new oil into all of our race engines for the 2015 season.


Having oil with such stable characteristics and low amount of wear on components; Rock Oil Carbon 10w50 is the obvious choice for any high performance, road or race engine like the ones featured in our drift cars.

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