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Name: Shane Lynch
Age: 35
Hometown: Dublin, Ireland
Vehicle: Japspeed/Monster Energy Nissan Silvia V8 S15
Competes: Maxxis British Drift Championship

Why did you take up the sport of Drifting when you can do any type of motorsport?

One thing about drifting is that I never thought a car was capable of doing what a drift car does.

Drifting brought back the fun in motorsport and enhanced my driving skills immensely, coming from a motorsport back ground mostly driving rear wheel drive cars from the British GT Championships for a number of years.

Motorsport is on the edge and drifting is past the edge!.

Why did you choose Japspeed when you could have driven with other Drift teams?

The offer came from Paul to drive for Japspeed in 2007, as a novice in the art of drifting I was delighted and due to the commitment and support that Japspeed provided I advanced very quickly to Pro level in a very short time, Japspeed were willing to develop the car as the driving skills improved which turned out to be a great combination, as far as the whole Japspeed team is concerned everybody is there to help and make sure the team is the strongest in every way and I only like the best and the best is all that I have been given.

What is the highlight of your drift Career?

It had to be Knockhill July 2007 because I did not expect to qualify in to the EDC top 16 but did get my EDC license on the Saturday, coming back on the Sunday for the team event was just for fun and seat time, rather than thinking about winning the event it came a real surprise when me & Danny got it together and the cars ran so well and we put a few flawless runs in and became the first ever EDC Team Champions.

Due to the comeback of Boyzone this did affect your chances of winning the BDC 2008, how did you feel about this?

I take my motorsport very seriously, I would have loved to commit to the full championship as everybody knows, you have to make hay when the sun shines and I am not getting any younger and it’s a boyband that I am in, so time is against me but to show my commitment to motorsport and team Japspeed during the tour and between concerts and days off when time should be resting, I choose to go drifting as it’s my passion. Missing the 3 rounds did possibly cost me the chance of winning the championship.


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