Team Japspeed


Maxxis Tyres are manufacturers of the world’s only drift-oriented tyres. Their MA-Z1 Drift tyres have been a mainstay on all of our Team Japspeed cars for many years and provide superior grip and incredible control when on the limit. When you’re throwing a drift car into a corner at 100mph+ while sideways you want a tyre that will keep you on the black stuff, and nothing comes close to the MA-Z1.

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Staying alert and being on the top of your game is crucial in the drift scene and, thanks to Monster Energy, all of us here at Team Japspeed are always poised and ready for action, be we on the track or in the pits. Monster Energy are big supporters of motorsport and extreme sports and we are honoured to be a part of a team that includes internationally renowned motorsport stars such as Ken Block, Valentino Rossi and Vaughn Gitten Jnr.


When you’ve got 500bhp plus under your right foot and only one component separating that power from the rear tyres, you’re going to want to be able to rely on that component. A heavy duty and super-reliable clutch is an essential piece of kit in any drift car and it must be able to handle clutch kicks, fast shifting and anything else the driver can throw at it – it is for these reasons that we choose Exedy clutches for our Team Japspeed drift cars. With a huge array of clutches available for pretty much all Japanese performance cars, they are the go-to-guys for clutches you can rely on.

The transmission on any drift car is susceptible to huge amounts of stress throughout its life, with high speed gear changes and ferocious clutch kicks all being necessary in the heat of the moment. With gearboxes having to bear the brunt of this aggressive driving style, it is essential that you can trust your transmission to hold up at all times. For these reasons, we have put our faith in Quaife Engineering, whose heavy duty sequential gearboxes can be found in our 1JZ Subaru Impreza, VH45 S15, RB25 S15 and 1.5JZ S15.

Safety is essential in any form of motorsport, and the last thing we would want is for any of the Team Japspeed drivers to get injured. Therefore, we have put our faith in Corbeau’s range of extremely safe and FIA approved bucket seats, each one personalised for our cars!


Looking good and staying protected from the elements is always important, and for that we rely on the guys from Factory Moto to keep us kitted out!

As any motorsport fan will know, good oil is essential for a performance engine to function correctly. We have put our faith in Rock Oil to keep our fleet of highly strung engines running at their absolute best so that we can push them to the limits without fear of a failure.

Power is nothing without control, and all of the horsepower in the world won’t make any difference if you can’t put it down on the tarmac. As a result, we rely on KW’s enviable range of high end coilover suspension solutions on our S15s and Lexus IS200 for superior control and confidence when on the limit.

Silicone hoses are an often overlooked area in the engine bay, but they are hugely important due to the need to carry vital fluids to various components. The results can be fatal if a silicone hose were to split, and for that reason we insist on the very best. Samco are the renowned world leaders in silicone hose production and you will find their products under the bonnets of all of our drift cars.

owen developments

Turbos feature in all of our drift cars – it’d be fair to say that we enjoy a good bit of boost in our lives! With each of our cars requiring specific turbo applications due to the nature of their builds we can always rely on Owen Developments to manufacture world class turbos to suit our needs.

When building a car with big turbos, forged internals and many other exciting parts it’s often easy to overlook the essentials. Coolant is a key component of any car but, when pushing things to the limit, high coolant temperatures are always the enemy of consistent performance. Thanks to Evans’ ingenious waterless coolant solution, we have safely raised the operating temperature of our cars’ coolant systems without compromising safety or reliability.